Aug 02, 2021 (Vehement Media via COMTEX) — Toronto, CanadaCrypto fundraising platform Escrow has launched its ICO and Crowdfunding Platform with milestone based payment release and AI DeFi management features. The Escrow Protocol Platform will be a cross-chain Web3 platform where investors can fund start-ups with extended control of their financial contributions. Funding is released based on the projects’ successful completion of Milestones. While held in Escrow, funds are allocated to high return / zero risk DeFi Yield-Farming protocols, returning interest payments to investors. What Makes Escrow a Popular Choice?

Start-up projects looking for funding will be able to set Roadmap Milestones and Timelines according to their actual capacity and realistic performance targets, setting a basis for making fulfillable promises.

Investors’ funds are secured through the time-honored practice of putting funds into escrow; then releasing pre-arranged payouts for specified predetermined project developments.

Investors can vote on approval of the Milestone completion, in voting power relative to their investment stake. While funds are held on the Escrow Protocol waiting to be released for their next development Milestone, they are automatically staked on Yield Farming Protocols, paying the investors 80% of APY profits. Over 1 year, the protocol would be able to generate 15-25% in additional funds of which 80% get paid back to the investors in ESCROW Tokens.

This investment model allows investors to gain exposure in start-up projects while receiving interest payments on unallocated funds and earn interest on the investment while the money is waiting to be utilized in the next funding round. This way the funds help both, the project looking to raise funds and the contributors and investors who have put their money in the Escrow Protocol. Some of the key features of the protocol include,

  • Easy to use interface, allowing current non-crypto users to easily get involved.
  • No more expensive fees from traditional crowdfunding sites.
  • Community involvement with investment relative voting power.
  • A reputation-based scoring system allows the utilization of expert opinions within the community.
  • Dedicated Investment Contracts for high profile investors Escrow Protocols Tokenomics and Funding Details The Escrow Protocol is currently organizing the seed sale round for its native token. The platform aims to raise $17 billion in yearly funding. They are working towards positioning themselves to become the standard for secure investments for both retail and institutional investors, opening doors to the New Digital World. With the many benefits of new technologies available, it can implement unprecedented ways of financial interaction. The total number of tokens minted is 1,000,000,000 ESCROW The funding rounds will consist of 4 stages
    • SOURCE: Escrow Protocol