While investment funds are held in ESCROW waiting to be allocated to the next funding round, we automatically stake them on stablecoin yield-farming protocols until they are required for the funding milestone.
Over the course of a 1 or 2 year project, huge amounts of money can be put to use, generating additional profits.

Let your invested money work for you while it is held on the ESCROW PROTOCOL.
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Instead of invested funds sitting still with the funded start-up project, waiting to be used for their next development Milestone, we automatically stake these funds on Yield-Farming Protocols, returning yield dividends payable to the investor. This allows maximum exposure to being invested in the next “big hit ICO”, while receiving interest payments on staked investment funds.

This exposure opportunity is unique to the Escrow Protocol and Blockchain Technology, offering a new era of possible investment yields, early investor preferred rates and investment security.

For example using easy math: If a start-up project is looking for 10 Million Dollars in funding and splits their project into 10 steps over the course of 10 months, they will be released $1,000,000 of funding in their first stage, while the remaining $9,000,000 are staked and return interest payments to the investors.
Over those 10 months, investors will have staked 4,5 Million Dollars that would otherwise have simply been sitting in the start up companies account, stale, waiting to be used for the next development step.

Large Investors can make use of dedicated contracts that are custom deployed for only the two Parties (Investor & Start-Up). Investors allocate their funds to the contract and receive tokens at a preferred rate into the ESCROW Account, but are NOT committed to the purchase unless they choose to invest at the end of the staking term.